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Only Outland™ can offer you both 3’’ and 4” round Tube Steps for your truck
Whether you own a “beefed up” lifted truck or a stock design, Outland Automotive makes a tube step for you! Our complete line of high quality 3" Tube Steps are the perfect solution for any truck or SUV looking for a sturdy step and great looks. Our 4" steps offer Crew Cab owners a little “extra beef” when they want that heavy duty look and extra step space! All Outland Tube Step designs feature the highest quality finish, easy to install brackets and a complete application listing for today’s (and yesterdays!) most popular trucks and SUV’s: These are not your typical Tube Ste

The Outland™ Quality Advantage:3" round black tube side step
• Outland Stainless Tube Steps feature
prime 304L, .05" wall stainless tubing
polished to a mirror finish. The
polishing process for an Outland step is
longer and deeper pulling out the
deepest shine from the steel. A true
“deep polish”! Since Outland uses
prime 304L stainless, these side steps
will never rust, providing years of
use and great looks

• Outland painted steel Tube Steps feature
special E-coated, .07" wall steel that is
“thick source” powder coat painted for
a tough chip resistant finish. The
special E-coat under coating provides
double rust protection as it bonds to
the metal creating a protective layer4" round stainless steel tube side step
found no where else

• All Outland Tube steps feature no drill
installation (except 76-06 Jeep models)
for ease of installation and a truly
custom fit. All Tube Step Installation
brackets are constructed of durable
3/8"-1/4" powder coat painted steel for
long life and years of bounce free use

• Each Tube Step feature special UV
treated no-slip step pads with 5
mounting pins. These step pads are
installed on a compressed portion of
the tube- no exposed metal to rust.

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