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FOX Shocks - 2.5 Factory w/ Remote Reservoir +DSC Coil-Over
Before any Fox shocks reach production, they've had to stand the test of time and live up to incredible abuse by the fastest athletes in racing. Fox pushes the boundaries to give you that same precise control and race-proven performance you can feel. Their bolt-on Factory Series Coil-over Reservoir shocks provide improved damping in any terrain. Coil-over shocks provide suspension damping and suspend the weight of the vehicle. Dual Speed Compression (DSC) adjuster gives remarkable versatility and precise tuning. A simple twist of either two adjuster knobs allows twelve separate low-speed and ten high-speed compression levels. The integrated coil spring can be adjusted for preload and ride height and come pre-set to level your vehicle right out of the box. Experience for yourself the incredible performance and precise control that Factory Series Coil-overs Reservoir shocks deliver.

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Description: FOX Dual Speed Compression Explained | Cameron Steele from FOX on Vimeo . More Details »
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