About Us


“Our Vision became Our Mission”

ROCKRIDGE 4WD started with a vision. A vision to provide quality parts with quality service. To put customers above all else. To remain always available, for parts or tech support, whether you purchased from us or not. “We have the knowledge, why not share it?”

“Beginning in 2012, ROCKRIDGE 4WD was just a glimmer in our eyes. Our passion quickly turned into something that we never ever dreamed it would be.”

When Jeff decided to start ROCKRIDGE, he had briefly mentioned it to Erin. To his surprise, she was all for it (we all know how wives can be when it comes to modifying your vehicle, right?). From there it was a whirlwind. ROCKRIDGE started with 1 man, 1 woman, 1 computer and with 1 desk in a bedroom. They worked round the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week taking shifts. One slept, one worked and vice versa. Erin maintained a full time job at a Cancer Treatment Facility, yet still made time to build ROCKRIDGE and push it forward.

After ROCKRIDGE launched in February of 2012, Jeff went all out for sales. Pushing and promoting ROCKRIDGE when and where he could. Two months after business opened, Erin had to come on full time. They had to find a warehouse to ship and receive parts as the two saw-horses set up in the garage with a piece of plywood just wasn’t cutting it any longer. The first warehouse was less than 500 sq. ft. Asphalt floors, no running water, no heat, no A/C. They quickly out grew that warehouse, but stuck out their year lease and quickly sourced another warehouse.

They jumped from less than 500 sq. ft. to over 5,000 sq. ft. in just a year. The new facility quickly sparked local interest. The ROCKRIDGE business structure evolved to compensate for the new growth, bringing in a new lift and mechanic shortly after moving in. Local and Internet sales were booming, so in Jeff and Erin added another Sales Rep to the team.

As the move was settled and business was growing, Jeff and Erin took a Sunday off and went WHEELIN. Of course they wheel hard. If you are going to break it, BREAK IT RIGHT! That trip marked the beginning of their Brand (however, they didn’t know it yet). That wheeling trip carnage included a ripped off rear license plate and a ripped off broken taillight. Jeff quickly went to work for an “affordable” solution. The ROCKRIDGE 4WD Taillight Conversion was created. Their first product was born.

Beginning in 2015 they moved again, onto their 4th location. Their current location offers a very convenient and centrally located retail store, a much larger shipping and receiving department, a much larger warehouse and a full Installation facility.

2015 continues to bring growth with high demand for the products that they produce. Early on, Jeff decided it was time to create a “brand”. That’s when PANDEMIC was launched. PANDEMIC is quickly is becoming an industry recognized brand with many up and coming product releases.

They are confident when they say, “We are not responsible for our success. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for our customers. They are the reason for the success of ROCKRIDGE 4WD. We take good care of our customers and in return, they take good care of us”. While they continued to shatter their goals, Jeff reminds us that “There is no end in sight. We don’t look back, only forward.”

“When you purchase from our company you can be assured that customer service is our #1 priority above everything else!”

From our family to yours, ROCKRIDGE 4WD