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Beadlock Wheels
A beadlock or bead lock is a mechanical device that secures the bead of a tire to the wheel of a vehicle.
Body Armor
Body Armor is essential when you own an offroad vehicle. Protect it before you thrash it!
Body Lifts
A body lift kit is a 1, 2, or 3 inch lift kit that only lifts the body from the frame. These inexpensive kits mainly consist of blocks or spacers.
Brakes & Accessories
When upgrading your offroad vehicle to larger tires it will become more difficult for the factory brake system to stop your rig efficiently. Take time to upgrade your brakes to compensate for the...More Details »
Bumpers & Tire Carriers
There are many options to consider when looking at bumpers besides vehicle styling. Things to consider are winch mounting, receiver mounts, Hi-Lift Jack mounts, extra lighting mount points, added...More Details »
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Doors & Tube Doors
Get into the lifestyle that comes along with owning a Jeep & take that top off and get rid of those full doors! Half doors & tube doors both provide the open air excitement and freedom we crave....More Details »
Driveshaft Upgrades
Aftermarket driveshafts are usually needed to help eliminate drive train vibrations on lifted Jeeps. Most Jeeps older than 2007 will usually require a SYE Kit (Slip Yoke Eliminator Kit) or some...More Details »
Exhaust Systems
You will quickly find that Rockridge 4wd sells "only the best" when it comes to performance exhaust systems. Don't go and spend hundreds of dollars on some local hack job when you can get a...More Details »
Exterior Body & Styling
In this Rockridge category you will find all the miscellaneous exterior body styling options such as replacement mirrors, aftermarket mirror upgrades, mirror relocation mounting solutions,...More Details »
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Fender Flares
Did you just lift your Jeep and throw on some ridiculously wide tires? Did you also just get a ticket from the PoPo? If so its probably because you didn't think about the other drivers on the...More Details »
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Interior Accessories
At Rockridge 4wd you will find all kinds of neat and innovative interior accessories for your offroad rig. Things like grab handles, sun glass holders, storage solutions, etc.....
Jeep Seats & Covers
Rockridge 4wd has you "covered", no pun intended.....We literally have replacement and upgrade offroad Jeep seats for virtually all Jeep models. Can't afford a complete replacement Jeep seats?...More Details »
Jeep Tops & Hardware
Rockridge 4wd has got you covered in more ways than one! We have a huge selection of soft tops, bikini tops, wind jammers, sun shades, and all the hardware to boot.
On Board Air & Co2
Rockridge 4wd knows the importance of having the ability to air down your tires for much improved offroad traction. We do it every time we head out for the trail. We also understand the...More Details »
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Racks & Storage
Rockridge 4wd will be adding many popular roof top racks, contractor racks, roof top storage, along with universal and vehicle specific rack & storage solutions. These items are valued by many...More Details »
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Steering Stabilizer's & Dual Kits | Upgrades
Rockridge 4wd can offer many different types of steering upgrades such as high steer kits, individual high steer components, heavy duty tie rods, heavy duty brackets and drag links along with...More Details »
Suspension & Components
A suspension lift is a modification, often done by Jeep, truck, SUV and off road enthusiasts to raise the ride height of their vehicle. Suspension lifts (also referred to as lift kits or leveling...More Details »
We offer SO MANY tires! Just to name a few... BF Goodrich Goodyear Yokohama Nitto Mickey Thompson - GREAT DEALS ON MICKEY'S! Pro Comp Tires Hankook Maxxis...More Details »
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Tuners & Programmers
Rockridge 4wd sells a variety of tuners and programmers for Jeeps, SUV's and Diesel truck applications. Tuners are nice because they can improve torque and horsepower along with correcting...More Details »
Wheel Spacers & Adapters
Rockridge 4wd sells Jeep wheel spacers & adapters for a variety of applications. Typically wheel spacers are used to offset tires for clearance from the frame or inner wheel wells after...More Details »
Winches & Recovery Gear
ROCKRIDGE 4WD supplies winches & recovery gear all day long. The reason why is because we believe this is one of the most important pieces of equipment you can have on your offroad vehicle and...More Details »
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