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Elka Suspension Elka is a Canadian manufacturing company founded in 2000 with the mission to provide the ULTIMATE RIDE EXPERIENCE to power-sports enthusiasts through shock absorbers adapted and calibrated for their vehicle’s geometry. Elka manufactures shock absorbers for various segments of power-sports: Sports & Racing ATVs Sports-Utility Quads Side-by-Side Vehicles (UTV) Snowmobiles Spyder Elka's products are designed to improve the handling, comfort and performance of the vehicle for which they are specifically designed for. Unlike other shock companies, all of their products are built-to-order according to various factors that are specific to each customer such as vehicle model, intended use, rider weight and more. This is why we offer a variety of models to choose from that address specific needs in terms of performance, adjust-ability and price. Elka believes that professional racers are not the only ones who deserve the performance of a custom-built suspension system. What works for them should also be put to work for you. That’s why they use their valuable racing experience to develop advanced shock absorbers and make them available to everyone. The Elka staff has always been composed of dedicated people with a strong passion for the sport; They truly live and breathe for racing and riding. Racing has taught us many things: most importantly, that it takes dedication and hard work to take the lead position — then even more to stay up front. Today, Elka Suspension is a successful company and yet remains true to its roots: designing and manufacturing of high-quality suspension components that address the specific needs of each customer to improve their ride experience.